Akram Boutros Metrohealth: Who is Akram Botros?

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Did you know? In this article, we discuss the predicted net worth of Akram Boutros in 2022. He is also the CEO of MetroHealth. He is from the United States. We’ll be discussing Akram’s networth and the events that led him to be fired from MetroHealth. From the beginning to end Akram Bouteros Metrohealth.

Who is Akram Botros? And why is he being charged?

MetroHealth, Northeast Ohio’s largest healthcare organization, fired Akram Boutros just two months before he was due to retire.

In a statement, MetroHealth Board of Trustees Chair Vanessa Whiting said that Boutros’ dismissal was the result of an investigation into alleged financial misconduct. Boutros was charged with authorizing bonuses payments of more than $1.9million to himself over four year period, starting in 2018. He did not disclose the costs to the board. Whiting says that Boutros disclosed to the board, in front of the public, on November 1st 2018, the day following the repayment, that he personally had informed the Ohio Investigative Committee.

Net worth of Akram

MetroHealth’s CEO Akram Boutros had planned to request additional funding from Cuyahoga County Government, even though he was fired by the board. He was accused of having paid over $1.9million in unapproved incentives.

According to paperwork sent to the council by him, he requested $7.6million more for the healthcare facility. The money was only used to pay for behavioral and dependency therapies for Cuyahoga Residents who were either uninsured, or underinsured. MetroHealth council is solely authorized to award the CEO’s salary, including bonuses, as well as establish quality targets for the CEO.

Salary of Akram Boutros

Boutros, through his confession, set up certain measurements, evaluated Boutros’ performance against those metrics and authorized the payment to himself of additional incentives totaling over $1,900,000.

Boutros announced on November 29, 2021 that after serving as CEO and President since 2013, he intends to resign at end 2022.


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MetroHealth Board of Directors let Boutros go after he had been in charge of health services for close to ten years. It was above his $1 million annual base salary.

Wife of Akram, his Awards.

Suzanne Boutros (wife of Dr. Akram Boutros), is the CEO of MetroHealth Medical Center. Dr. Nabil Cherade may temporarily assume the CEO role until Dr. Airica Steed becomes the clinic’s new CEO. Mount Sinai Health Foundation awarded Boutros the Maurice Saltzman award for 2022 at its annual meeting on June 8.

He was awarded numerous honors and awards, including The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio’s Humanitarian Award. The Humanitarian Award of The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio. The Americas 50 Award, From Modern Healthcare. He also received The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio’s Most Influential Clinical Executives Award. The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio awarded him the George V. Voinovich Memorial Service Award. He currently leads several non-profit boards.


  • Name: Akram Boutros
  • Wife: Suzanne Boutros
  • DOB Feb 1962
  • 60 years of age.
  • Children: three girls.
  • Designation – CEO and President, MetroHealth
  • Names Of Children: Jasmine (Shannon), and Tess

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According to research, Akram Boutros MD FACHE has held the roles of president and CEO of The MetroHealth System from 2013 to 2013. Boutros stated in November 2021, that he would retire from work at 2022. Get more information online.

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