BGMI Redeem Code BGMI Free UC Code Today (Rs. 75, 380).

BGMI Today: Battle Ground Mobile India is a fun and fascinating game that doesn’t need any introduction. This game is loved by many young people. It’s available for free on Google Play Store. The PUBG Mobile game was previously known as. BGMI ( Battle Ground Mobile India) was pre-registered on 2 July 2021 and received a large response. This article will be very useful to all BGMI players. It contains the complete details of the new BGMI free UC redeem code.

Let’s get to the point. battleground mobile redeem code allows you to redeem a variety of rewards, gifts, and goodies. These codes are very useful to the game because they allow players to redeem many rewards, gifts, and goodies that will enable them to play it efficiently and easily clear levels. If one does not grab this chance, they could miss out on many great gifts from the BGMI team. Every time PUBG has been played, BGMI now offers exciting BGMI Free UC Rebate Codes that players eagerly await. This golden opportunity is yours!

Who can access the BGMI Redeem Codes ? You must have an account to redeem codes. Pre-registration done in 2021 or early July will allow you to access the codes. These people are eligible to take advantage of the offer. However, if you didn’t register with BGMI, you won’t get skins for weapons or vehicles.

BGMI Free UC Code Today (Rs. 75, 380).

In the Comment Box, please enter your CHARACTERID. We will select one random person and send 60 UC.


4GG5WMU0TPKAUFWL – Rs 75 -09-10-2022 (9 October 2022).

DHMPU9F92NV8JX8H – Rs 75 -08-10-2022 (8th October 2022).

53PVTFPKUXSREU6R – Rs 75 -07-10-2022 (7th October 2022).

12DFBFLNEN5YJRXJ – Rs 75 -06-10-2022 (6 October 2022).

EEDZ2H95EK5SLU9B – Rs 75 -04-10-2022 (4th October 2022).

HG9KT31RXKNGNGK0 – Rs 75 -03-10-2022 (3rd Oct 2022)

9RBDG8AP352N8DVK – Rs 75 -02-10-2022 (2nd October 2022).

49G9G49NMPVKPCUD – Rs 75 -01-10-2022 (1 October 2022).

BGMI UC redeem codes can often be used to redeem various rewards and redemptions offered by BGMI. You can find more information about the rewards on the official website of Battleground Mobile India (www.

What benefits will players get after BGMI code redemption. There are many benefits to BGMI fans who can access these codes. There are many features, such as updated skins to guns, UC and silver coins, royal point, costumes, new weapons, vehicles skins, and new hats. All of these can be purchased with UC. They must purchase UC with their own funds. Lucky users may also be eligible for a BGMI name-change card that allows them to change their name on the BGMI account.

These redeem codes, as well as other frequent events, offer contests that can lead to jaw-dropping prizes and interesting gifts. Participate in these events.

List of BGMI redeem codes October 2022

This is the battleground mobile india redeem code

  • EBGURMTDOKS – Set of Gold Racers
  • FET10FCAJ9- UMP 45 Gun skin
  • LEVKIN2QPCZ- Coupon
  • DKJU5LMBPY- Silver fragments
  • WU38FC19I – Motor vehicle skin
  • TJXFTNLZMYS- Assassin skin
  • NGXMPL4SREB – Legendary outfit
  • UF53216HEE- AKM glacier skin
  • YI24HP5LQLA – Bumble Bee Set
  • TPW0WLBPSS- Golden pan
  • XMEBDXJL1X – Random outfit
  • GMLQPJLZLQ- Stealth Brigade set
  • MCTBDB6TX- Skin (KAR98 sniper)
  • HLJC5HVCN8E- M416 Gun skin (for first 5000 users)
  • ULNBXVFCQUT – Motor vehicle skin
  • U46IHZGP2V – Free companion
  • VSKBGF08H – No Charge fireworks
  • 3VG49QKBAKT-3 Motorcycle

Best items to buy with BGMI UC

You can purchase many items with UC. Here are the facts:

Royal Pass

The Royale Pass is the first thing that you can purchase with BGMI UC. You can earn the Royal Pass by fulfilling certain tasks. You can choose from two types of Royale Pass: a standard Royal Pass costs 360 UTC (First purchase earns you 200 RP points), or an Elite Pass Plus that costs 960 UTC (First buy earns 300 RP points).


With the help of UC, you can also purchase different Crates within the game. You can win mythic and legendary outfits by buying Crates. You can buy UC with a variety of crates including Classic, PMGC and Steampunk crate.


In the game, you can also purchase new pets or companions with UC. You can purchase different companions such as Godzilla, Poro and Kong. Companion food can be purchased to increase points.

Redeem code for BGMI

It is easy to redeem BGMI codes. This is the detailed step-by-step procedure.

1. Firstly Open Official Battleground Mobile India – BGMI redemption centre or

2. Once you reach the redemption center page, fill in the required details such as BGMI Character ID and Redeem code. Verification code will also be entered.

3. After you’ve completed all details correctly click on ” Redeem“.

4. You will see a pop-up asking you to verify the information you have entered.

5. Before final submission, there will be a confirmation page. Next, click on the “Yes” button and then the “OK” option.

6. In a matter of hours, you will receive your rewards and gifts from Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI). Check your BGMI account again.
Keep this post and our site bookmark for daily updates about your favorite online games (launches, Redeem Codes, updates, etc.). It’s amazing that you don’t have to invest a penny or work hard in order to get these free rewards. You might have understood the process and the profit of BGMI Redeem codes. What are you waiting for?! Grab the chance now before it expires. You must use the BGMI Redeem Codes within a specified time otherwise you may not get any rewards and might have to spend money.

List of BGMI UC packages for Android & iOS (Package offers)

There are many packages available for BGMI UC purchase. You will receive a certain amount of UC free of charge if you purchase more UC in the game. If you buy 1500 UC from BGMI, you get 300 UC free. Here’s a complete list of UC packages in Battlegrounds Mobile Android.

Prices UC No UC Total UC
Rs 25 60 UC NA 60 UC
Rs. 380 300 UC 25 UC 325 UC
Rs. 750 600 UC 60 UC 660 UC
Rs 1,900 1500 UC 300 UC 1800 UC
Rs 3.800 3000 UC 850 UC 3850 UC
Rs 7.500 6000 UC 2100 UC 8100 UC

Unfortunately, iOS users will have to pay more. This is a list of all UC options for iOS users.

Prices UC Free UC Total UC
Rs. 89 60 UC NA 60 UC
Rs 449 300 UC 25 UC 325 UC
Rs 899 600 UC 60 UC 660 UC
Rs 2,099 1500 UC 300 UC 1800 UC
Rs 4.199 3000 UC 850 UC 3850 UC
Rs 8.500 6000 UC 2100 UC 8100 UC

Coupons and Crates

There are three types of Crates or Coupons available in the game


1. Premium Crate (Can also be opened using a Premium Crate Coupon, or UC).

2. Classic Crate (Can open with a Classic Crate Coupon or UC).

3. Supply Crate Coupon (Can be used to open Supply Crate Coupon or the UC).


1. Premium Crate Coupon (Combined with 10 Premium Coupon Scraps

2. Classic Crate Coupon (Combinated with 10 Classic Crate Coupon Coupon Scraps);

3. Combination of 10 Supply Crate Coupon Scraps and a Supply Crate Coupon Coupon

You can open Crates by using the corresponding Coupons, spending UC directly or using the Coupons. Scraps can also be obtained from certain events or opening Crates.

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