Flora Gasser Husband: Is Flora Gasser Married?

Below is a post that will share the research analysis on Flora Gasser Husband and other related facts.

Are you familiar with Flora Gasser, a veteran actress? Due to some reasons, she is a popular figure in the Philippines. People are curious about her and her details. All things related to her are wanted by her fans.

She was in the news recently as she passed away on Saturday, November 19. She was an outstanding actress, with many roles and movies. In 2022, she played the role of Nene. This post contains more information about Flora gasser Husband.

Is Flora Gasser married?

Yes, Flora Gasser was married with Harry Gasser. He was a comedian who died earlier. They had two children; Loren Legarda was one of them, while the name of the other is not yet known.

Loren co-anchored NewsWatch on RPN with Gasser. She also had a granddaughter, Valerie Ocampo.

How did Flora Gasser die?

Flora Gasser, a famous Veteran actress, died Saturday, November 19. She died at the ageof89 years. Although she died on November 19, her family confirmed her death on November 20.

Valerie Ocampo, her granddaughter, confirmed the news about her death. On her Facebook page, she confirmed that Flora Gasser had died. Her family has not revealed the cause of her death.

Funeral details of Flora Gasser

Her family is currently unable to provide any personal information about her death, including the cause, her age and her Obituary. People are interested in her Obituary because they wish to pay tribute the actress.

You will need to wait until her family has information on her Obituary. We will share any information we have about her Obituary and cause of death as soon as possible.

Career details for Flora Gasser

Flora Gasser, a veteran actress, is well-known for her roles in many famous movies. In 2020, her last and most recent movie was “Nene”, a short film. In her career, she acted in many movies. However, her Biography is quite interesting.

Gasser also appeared in numerous films including Annie Batongbacal and The Untouchable Family.

She also appeared in numerous TV series and programs. Below are social media links that will provide more information about Flora Gasser.

Social Media Links

The Last Words

Flora Gasser, a well-known veteran actress, died Saturday, November 19. Valerie Ocampo, her granddaughter, confirmed her death on November 20. Her family has not revealed the cause of her death, but it is known that her cause of death is still unknown.

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