Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 Rewards (100%) Working)

Free Fire Diwali Event 2022 Rewards Greetings gamers! We know you have been waiting for the 2022 Free Fire Diwali Event 2022. To get free rewards, awards and redeem codes, we are sure that you are eager. The Diwali event schedule has been leaked to all social media platforms. The dates can be found in the leaks, which range from 25 October to 11 November 2022. You’ve probably been waiting for the Free Fire Diwali Event 2022. All details, including how you can participate and what you might expect to earn are available here.

Free fire diwali special events – Overview: The freefire diwali event 2022 will be filled with Unlimited diamonds, rewards, and incentives for you, your friends, and all of your friends. These are just a few of the highlights.

Free Fire Max Diwali Party

The Free Fire Max Diwali event will take place on November 4. The login event will be held from October 25th (one week prior to the Free Fire Max Diwali event) through November 11th. Although the exact date for this year’s Free Fire Max Diwali celebration is not yet known, many reports have suggested that it will be held on November 4.

Schedule today for Fire FF Diwali Rewards Event Date Wise

25th October-2022 To charge the portal, you will need to bring your pet home (2 Legendary Gun skins and 1 Pet Free).
27th October-2022 Emote Party (Free Venom bike skins, Ground Punch, Mythos Four, Legendary emotes)
25th October-2022 Lone Wolf Mode
1. November through 4. November 2022 Countdown to Diwali (vouchers, weapon crates)
4th November 2022 Fire Diwali Magic Cube Event and Diwali Party – Free
29th October – 7th November 2022 Make your Diwali Hamper
29th October – 7th November 2022 Rang De Rangoli (Collect free Rewards & Character)
5th to 11th November 2022 After Party (Get a Free Number of Rewards)

Fire Diwali Event Rewards 2022 Leaks:

Below are FF Diwali Rewards for Free Fire Diwali Event, which can be paid or unpaid.

  1. Roaring Knight Bundle (male).
  2. Dark Destroyer Bundle (male).
  3. Eternal Descent emote
  4. Mask skin
  5. Roaring Flame – Pan skin
  6. Claws of Fury-Fist skin
  7. Banner Roaring Beast
  8. The Golden Tiger avatar
  9. Roaring Protector Gloo wall
  10. Tiger Claw backpack
  11. Tiger’s Attack Grenade skin
  12. Boho Dagger- Knief skin
  13. The Last Roar Loot Box

Schedule for 2022’s “Free Fire” Diwali

Although the Free Fire Diwali schedule has not been set in stone, any leaks will be reported to us and we will update this post accordingly. You can get a variety of gifts during the free fire Diwali celebration.

Diwali Celebration Schedule

Some details have been leaked about the Free Fire Diwali celebration. Below is the schedule for the Free Fire Diwali celebration. You can be sure that there will be some exciting activities.

  • The Lone Wolf Setting

The event will take place between October 25th and November 4th. Lone Wolf Mode will once again be available during this period of unlimited gunplay. This mode of play was included in the Free Fire OB29 update.

  • Feed The Portal to Return

Date of the Event: October 25th to November 7th

According to the leaks, players could win two legendary pistol skins or one belly skin during this free-fire Diwali event.

  • Order Your Diwali Hampers Here!

The event will take place from October 29th to November 7th.

After completing a few simple tasks, tokens (or belan) will be given to you. Benefits may also be available in exchange for tokens.

  • Song Title: “Rang De Rangoli”

Timeframe: From October 29th to November 7th

Participants in the free fire Diwali event can win a prize package as well as a new character.

  • The Last Days Before Diwali

Date Range: November 1st to 4th

This new Diwali event offers free coupons and Gun crates to players.

  • Diwali Magic Cube Event with Free Fire for Holiday

Time and place: Thursday November 4. Players may receive a Magic Cube free of charge during this Diwali-themed event.

  • Thank-You Presents

Date Range: November 5th through November 11th, 2022

This new free Diwali fire event will have tons of coupons and gun crates available.

All information is based upon leaks. These details have not been verified by game designers. We now have word that the Diwali free-of-charge event 2022 is being reported. The creators could provide an official statement.

Diwali Fireworks Free Promo Codes

You cannot get a Free Fire Diwali redemption coupon code from anyone without paying you. The only way to get one is through the official channel which is by topping up. Free Fire Diwali redemption codes are becoming more difficult to obtain due to the number of people who expect to participate in this Diwali event and make in-game purchases.

Both the Free Fire Max Diwali Event (and the Free Fire Diwali Event) are similar in terms of the incentives they offer. They will both continue as before. There is a slight difference between free fire max or free fire regular in that the former has more loot.

A free fire Diwali magic-cube event is coming up. It sounds amazing because you get a magic-cube completely free. To get your free Fire Diwali festival magic Cube, all you need to do is to check in on November 4, and play for a set amount of time.

The details of the free Diwali fire 2022 are not yet available on any servers. However, they will be soon. You will however see some verified awards in the free Diwali event 2022.

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