Harry Gasser Cause of Death: How did Henry Gasser Get Killed?

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Harry: What happened?

Harry Gasser was a TV newscaster who died at the tender age of 76 on 3 April 2022. Multiple prominent Twitter posts confirm the death news. Sources say that the news anchor died from a stroke.

He was the former anchor of RPN-9’s News. Other than that, he has worked for many other channels. Here are the links and attachments for social media.

How did Henry Gasser get killed?

Henry Gasser (son), his Family member confirmed that Harry Gasser contracted pneumonia in December 2013, which affected his heart condition and ultimately led to his stroke.

Harry Gasser was declared dead by doctors at 3:50 a.m. after his blood pressure plummeted at midnight. In the interview, he stated that he was standing beside his father when he died.

Get Obituary & Net worth

His obituary was spread via social media, including Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. One Facebook post contained details about his death. You can view the attached screenshots.

Rico Hizon also shared the news about Harry’s death on social media. He expressed his sadness. Harry Gasser’s networth was approximately $1.1million at his death.

Information on Family and more

  • Parents – Not yet known.
  • Family-Not yet known.
  • Children – Henry Gasser, Anna Marie (Son), Daughter

Harry got married

He was married to Flora Gasser. They had two children.

Is There a girlfriend besides his wife?

There are no details about his girlfriend and affairs. However, sources claim his Wife is Flora Gasser who is an actress with a long history.

Religion & More

  • Religion- Unknown.
  • Ethnicity – Not yet known.
  • Nationality- Philippine.

His Career & More

  • Career- Harry Gasser was an ABS-CBN anchor (1969-722) and then joined BBC-2 (1973-1977). He later worked as a news watcher for RPN, before joining ABS-CBN (1998-2001).
  • School – Not Known.
  • College-Not are available.
  • Educational qualification-Unknown.
  • Early life Additional details on his early years are not available.

Discover Height and More Facts!

  • Height-Not known.
  • Age- 76 years.
  • D.O.B- 02.12.1936.
  • Birthday- 2nd December.

Why is He Trending in the News?

Harry Gasser’s spouse, unfortunately, died on 19 November 2022. Interessing people can now find out the cause and manner of her husband’s passing. Harry Gasser’s death is therefore currently being reported.

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Harry Gasser’s news of his death is sad. Also, his wife recently died, which is also tragic. You can see the Harry Gasser Anchoring Video for more information.

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