How Did Fito Olivares Die: Know The Cause Of Death?

Many people want to know how Fito Olivares died. We have listed his cause of death. Rodolfo Olivares, also known as Fito Olivares was a Mexican cumbia singer. Scroll down to find out how Fito Olivares died.

How Did Fito Olivares Die?

Fito Olivares was a veteran musician who is well-known for his contributions to Tejano music. He died on March 16th at 75. His wife revealed the news during an interview with Raul Brindi on YouTube. In an interview on Raul Brindi’s YouTube channel, his wife revealed that Olivares was in a state of decline and had stopped eating in the days before his death. Eight months ago, Olivares was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. This is a form of cancer that affects bone marrow, white blood cells and the brain. Olivares survived despite being given just a few months to live. He even managed to surpass the expectations of his doctors. Unfortunately, his cancer progressed rapidly and he succumbed to it. Olivares’ death has left a void in Tejano music. He had made a lasting impression with his distinctive sound and style. Fans around the globe will miss Olivares’ contribution to the genre.

Fito Olivares Obituary

Mexican music fans are mourning Fito Olivares’ passing. They feel a deep sadness among their followers and friends. Social media has quickly spread the news about Olivares’ passing, with many people paying tribute to this talented musician. The news was first shared by Olivares’ widow to the media. Since then, it has received significant attention online. He was well-respected and loved for his contributions to Mexican music. This earned him a loyal following throughout his career. Many people are curious about his death, in light of his passing. We have shared details about his death cause and will provide more detail below.

Fito Olivares Causes of Death

Social media has been abuzz with the news that Fito Olivares, a 75-year-old musician, died. A Facebook user posted that Fito Olivares, a Mexican cumbia singer, had lost his fight with cancer. His wife confirmed the post. Olivares died at home. However, details regarding his illness are not known. Family members and friends of Olivares are in mourning. They have asked for privacy during this difficult time. Although an official statement is expected from the family, no additional information is available about the musician’s condition. However, it is clear that the musician was suffering from a terminal illness that took his life. Followers and fans of the legendary musician continue to pay their respects, and wait for more updates.

Fito Olivares: Who are you?

Rodolfo Olivares (also known as Fito Olivares) was a well-known Mexican cumbia musician. He was born April 19, 1947 and died March 17, 2023. Maria Cristina Olivares was his mother and Mucio Olivares were his father. He grew up on a ranch near Rechinadores in Tamaulipas. He learned to play the harmonica from his father, who had purchased it for him. His father was a skilled player of the saxophone and they started practicing together with the saxophone when he was 12. After graduating in 1961 from the commercial academy, he began to work in accounting and eventually became a professional at 16 in Camargo, Tamaulipas. Fito Olivares is well-known for his contributions to cumbia music and his legacy will live on in his supporters and fans.

Fito Olivares Career

Fito Olivares was a member of a local group in 1962. He was then invited to join Dueto Estrella in Ciudad Miguel Aleman and Tamaulipas By Abel Martinez, Bernardo Gomez and Noe Santos. He wrote his first song, “Ya No Eres Mia” a year later. It was also included on the Duet Estrella LP. Fito joined Tam and Tex in 1979 and wrote songs such as “La Otra Musiquera,” Mi Tamaulipeca, and “Flor de Lirio”. After the 1980 release of their first album, Mi Profesion under the Gil Records label, Fito Olivares y su Grupo La Pura Sabrosura, was established in Houston. Fito’s greatest hit, Juana La Cubana, was nominated to Lo Nuestro Awards. His next hit, El Colesterol, won an ASCAP award for best song in the category of regional Mexican music in 1996. Fito owned his own recording studio, Japonica Studio. He also had Sabrosura Music as his publisher. Fito recorded his songs.

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