Irvo Otieno Cause of Death: Read Irvo Obituary!

After news of Irvo’s death, much of the internet has sought out Irvo’s cause. Keep reading to find out Irvo’s cause.

Irvo Otieno: Who are you?

Irvo Otieno was a 28-year old African-American man who was passionate about music and wanted to be a hip-hop artist. At the age of 4, he came from Kenya to the United States. Caroline Ouko his mother said that Irvo was a gifted songwriter and could write a song in less than five minutes. Caroline Ouko said that Irvo had a passion for music and found joy in it. Caroline also mentioned that Irvo was kind-hearted and that his classmates often approached him when they needed to confide in him.

Irvo Otieno Causes of Death

Caroline Ouko, Caroline’s mother, stated that her son suffered from a mental illness and required medication. He was doing well for long periods, but it was hard to tell if anything was wrong. There were times when he felt distressed and needed medical attention. Irvo Otieno died on March 6, during his intake at a mental facility. He was being transferred from county jail. According to the prosecution, he was lying in a reclined state at the time of his death. According to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Irvo Otieno died from asphyxiation.

Irvo Otieno: What happened?

After receiving a possible burglary report, Otieno was taken into custody by the Henrico County Police on March 3. They took Otieno to the hospital with a team and placed him under emergency custody. He allegedly assaulted three police officers. He was then taken to the county jail, but later transferred to Dinwiddie County’s state mental health facility. There, he succumbed to asphyxiation during the transfer process. Ann Cabell Baskervill Commonwealth’s Attorney, says Otieno was handcuffed and held in leg irons for 12 minutes on the ground by seven officers. According to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, Otieno died from asphyxiation. The investigation will include the participation of the US Department of Justice and ten of the victims. They could be sentenced to a minimum of five years or a maximum of 40 years imprisonment if they are found guilty in Virginia of second-degree killing.

Irvo Otieno Obituary

Caroline Ouko, mother of Irvo Otieno died in custody while he was being treated by officers at a Virginia psychiatric hospital. She stated during a press conference that she had seen a video that shows how officers treated her son. She said that she had seen the video and that her son was treated worse than dogs. He was killed. My baby was suffocated to death.” His family was 28 years old at the time of his death. They are offering condolences and seeking justice for the cruel treatment he received.

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