Is Corn Kid Dead Who is The Corn Kid?

Rumours on social media claim that Corn kid, the social media sensation, is dead. This is false. In September 2022, the young social media star is in good health and is enjoying his best health. We have disproved every social media rumor.

Social media can make anyone viral in a matter of seconds, it is clear. There are many cases of social media stars made from ordinary people, such as Khaby Lame and the Corn Kid.

Tariq, a 7-year old boy from Tariq, is the Corn Kid. He gained fame recently on social media. After his viral video of him eating corn and showing his love for it, he received a lot of admiration and love from social media users.

Social media speculation has been a source of anger for Corn Kid’s fans since his rise to fame. Rumours claim Tariq, the Corn Kid, was shot to death in a “gang-related shooting.”

However, reality is quite the opposite. Corn kid is still alive. We have an explanation for the rumor that has caused so much anger among people. Here is everything you need to know about Corn Boy, including the gossip that has been circulating on social media.

Corn Kid 9 is Alive and Doing Well in September 2022

Social media started to buzz about the rumours that the Corn Kid was dead on 26 September 2022. Many people expressed their sorrow on Twitter about the passing of the young social media star.

One user shared a piece from a news page and wrote: “7-Year-Old Corn Kid” Killed In Gang Related Shootings Last Sunday.” This news was revealed by NPR’s Dustin Jones, who wrote it on a media page.

Social media users discovered the news instantly and it spread quickly on the internet. Many people were confused by the news and shared their grief on Twitter.

You don’t have to be worried if you are one of these Corn Kid fans who came across this piece edited news. He is fine, and has not been involved in any gang-related shooting incidents. It is a rumor, not a fact.

Who is The Corn Kid?

We discovered that the news piece that had confused many users was actually altered. We found the original article, which had the headline “Meet South Dakota’s new corn-bassador,” and it was written by a boy who just discovered that corn is real.

Further, the article explains Tariq’s journey to become a social media superstar in no time. Millions of social media users around the world loved Tariq. Tariq is beloved for his honesty when it comes to discovering that corn is real.

Many people are eager to meet Tariq and learn more about corns, as he has been gaining attention on social media. The South Dakota Department of Tourism is one of them. According to the department, Tariq is invited to visit South Dakota’s largest industries of tourism and agriculture.

The South Dakota Department of Tourism stated in a note that Tariq was named a South Dakota Corn-bassador. They wanted Tariq’s family to have the opportunity to see both tourism and agriculture.

Tariq, who has been in the limelight, has visited many new places and learned more about corns.

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The Last Words

It is safe to say that Tariq, the Corn Boy, is alive and well. His death is rumored to be a social media rumor.

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