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You may have seen the news coverage of Mark Pulice’s death in a car accident. Mark Pulice, who was in a fatal car accident on 1 October, died. It took place in Chicago, United States. People want to know more about his Obituary.

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Tragic Story

Saturday, October 1, 2022 was the day that Mark, a Cambridge University student, was killed in a car accident. Mark’s death was confirmed by her mother via social media. She didn’t give any more details about Mark’s accident or whereabouts. She shared that she is still grieving and in pain following the death of her son.

Mark Pulice Obituary

Mark’s Obituary is not yet announced. His mother provided little information, other than to confirm his death. She did not give any information on his funeral date or Obituary.

Mark’s tragic death was however shocking. He was the man who held his family together and was the one responsible for the house. But after the car accident, he lost his family and friends to misery and sorrow. He was set to graduate this spring as a nurse student.

Mark Pulice Tinley Park

It is unclear why Mark Pulice’s Obituary has not been announced. However, there are some websites that share information about the Obituary which will be published on 7 October. Because of the same name, readers often confuse two persons.

Mark Anthony Pulice Jr., an elderly person, will perform the Obituary in Tinley Park at 3pm on 7/10/2022. The funeral will be held at Brady Gill’s Oak Park Eve home. Mark Pulice Car Accident Chicago was another story. Mark Pulice was a Cambridge University Nursing Student when he was involved in a car crash. Common names can lead to confusion and misinformation.


Mark Pulice, who was involved in a fatal car accident, died on the 1st of October. His Obituary is still not available. People get misled by the information about another person with a same name in their obituaries.

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