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One little girl was struck by a truck during the Raleigh Christmas Parade. Her life was lost following the accident. Hayley Brooks, an 11 year-old girl, was supported by many people. Many people from the United States assisted her with various social media posts. She performed at the CC & Company Dance Complex. According to police, the crash happened at 10:15 a.m. People would like to learn more about Obituary Hailey Brooks.

Cause of death

Hailey Brooks died from an accident. She was struck by a truck after the driver lost control at the intersection of Hillsborough Street & Boylan Avenue. The truck drove at a low speed and hit the child.

Hailey Instagram Reddit, Twitter

  • Hailey Instagram

Hailey Brooks had no Instagram account. Perhaps because she was still a child, the Instagram account was not something she was interested in.

  • Hailey Tweet

Hailey Brooks did NOT have a twitter account. Although several Twitter accounts share the same name as Hailey Brooks, she did not have a Twitter profile. Raleigh NC has been using Twitter to discuss the child.

  • Hailey, Facebook

Hailey did not have a Facebook page. However, many people wrote about her passing. Many people posted tributes to her and questions regarding the death of such a young child.

Parents (Father and Mother, Family, Kids/Children, Father, Mother)

Brooks is 11 years old. We don’t know much about Brooks’ parents. It is unclear if Brooks was the sole child of her parents, or if she had other siblings. We need more information about whether Hailey had any grandparents. Hailey was born as a child. It is unnecessary to talk about her children or grandchildren.

Hailey is she married? Husband, Wife. Girlfriend. Boyfriend.

It is clear how an 11 year old girl could get married. Her boyfriend was not her boyfriend. Hailey was a charming child who loved dancing. She was friendly and talented. Her friendships were very close to her.

Educational Qualification and Career

Hailey needs more information about her education. Information about Hailey’s school or classes is also needed. She danced in CC & Company Dance Complex. She was a gifted child, and she could excite people with her performance. It should be noted that she may have had other talents besides dance. Wiki doesn’t provide any details about her Net worth and educational qualification.

Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion

It is unknown if there are any details about ethnicity. However, her nationality is American and her religion is Christianity.

She was a sweet girl and loved by all. No matter her religion or ethnicity, her close and dear loved her.

Birth Date, Age

Hailey was eleven years old. Her birthday and date of birth are not yet available. It’s also not known where she lived. It is unknown if her family celebrated the occasion.


Hailey doesn’t have any social networks links, as she does not have social media accounts.


Hailey’s passing was widely reported by people via social media. She was a wonderful child and loved by everyone because of her kind nature. Her accident caused chaos at the scene. Please visit the link to learn more.

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