Top 10 Racing Games for iOS and Android

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 is the successor to the popular racing title, Asphalt-8, the best racing game for Android. It has a variety of cars to choose from, from Ferrari to W Motors. Apart from this, the game has different modes – Multiplayer Online and Career Mode. Asphalt 9’s graphics are excellent and the best of the bunch. The textures, buildings, roads, and scenery look very good. The races are short, fast-paced, impressive, and innovative. In addition, Asphalt 9 features a new driving control, TouchDrive, to make racing more fun and simple.

Traffic Rider

Traffic Racer – the best racing game for Android has a simple motive to finish the race before the time runs out and avoid hitting other cars. The graphics are amazingly amazing, with variations of day and night. You can choose from 29 motorbikes; the sounds were recorded from the real motorbike, giving you a helpful experience. New and updated motorcycles can be unlocked by completing missions and a level. It has different game modes – career mode, endless mode, free ride, and time trial mode. In addition, you can get extra scores by riding faster and overtaking traffic cars. It is a straightforward but challenging game.

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo somehow managed to bring Mario Kart back to smartphones with the decent controls and traditional gameplay. Mario Kart is the best racing game for the Android, where the goal is to get the highest rank in each trophy. Classic tracks have been modified and redesigned to make them easier to play. However, the ways are short, and the races are only two laps, resulting in quick, mobile-friendly sessions. The single touch of the best racing games for Android works well, and the controls are straightforward. Swiping to fire weapons feels as natural as swiping down. Windy parts are challenging with touch controls, and shooting turtle shells at opponents makes you feel like the original Mario Kart.

F1 Mobile Racing

F1 mobile racing – the best racing game for Android, is the official game of Formula 1 developed by the Code masters Software Company Ltd. You can get all your adrenaline rush if you are a follower of F1 by playing this game. It has intense graphics with smooth controls and gameplay. You can develop and customize your F1 car or choose one of the ten teams and build. These best racing games for Android have different modes, including an entire F1 racing weekend, which will let you walk through the typical F1 racing weekend. With the real-time multiplayer mode, you can participate in the events and win prizes. The game gives you a great experience, and you can also share the leaderboards with your friends by connecting to the social media accounts.

CSR Racing 2 – Car Racing & Drag Game

CSR Racing 2 sets the bar very high for drag and the best racing games for Android. However, the game allows for many fun things, such as doing anything with your car, whether selling it, stripping it to move parts, or even adjusting it to different modes. In the addition, you can compete and race with opponents in-game challenges and lead after defeating them.

Need for Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed is the title that started the trend of the best racing games for Android among all the players. Finally, we have the mobile version of this game to live all our childhood memories. This game has 30 cars, which can be upgraded and customized. The game’s controls are simple, as you must tap to accelerate or press the brake. It is the oldest racing game in the history of the racing games, but it still maintains its legacy in the best way.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing: The best racing game for Android is a physics-based game where vehicles race on bumpy surfaces. You can get the bonus points by doing jumps and flips. It has hand-drawn graphics, stock sound effects, and shoddy music loops, but the gameplay makes up for it in a big way. Its controls are simple, with only the gas and brake pedals to control your car.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 consists of all motorsports worldwide, including the most famous Formula 1 racing. It has stunning visuals and very high graphics to give you that immersive experience while playing the game. Designed by EA Sports, Real Racing set new frontiers for mobile gaming the long time ago with also the launch of the Real Racing lineup.

Top Speed: 3D drag and fast racing

Top Speed is an exciting game developed by the T-Bull where you can choose from 69 types of car models. The game’s objective offers you different bosses, and the player must become the leader of the game city. Moreover, this game has other areas which have gangster crews. Thus, you can have unlimited fun while eliminating all the bosses.

Traffic Racer

The traffic Racer is one of the oldest games on this list, apart from the Asphalt franchise. It is the endless arcade racing game that will have you sticking to the screen of your mobile phone so that you continue to reach a greater distance. You will drive fast on highways with traffic to earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new vehicles.

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