The Best Portable Game Controllers

Topic: “The Best Portable Game Controllers” Mobile gaming has never been more popular. Relax with a casual puzzle, immerse yourself in a tower defense addiction, or immerse yourself in some competitive shooting games. These days, there is something for everyone. The latest phones can play graphically demanding and impressive titles, so PC ports and popular console games are increasingly popular. Still, it’s not always fun to play with the touchscreen controls. What you need is a portable game console.

We tested many of the best smartphone controllers by playing different games for hours to find the best-performing players. This is our favorite. We have identified which platform each console officially supports, although there may be others that work unofficially.

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Overall better

8BitDo Pro 2

With a unique combination of features, thoughtful retro design, and powerful performance, all at an affordable price, this is the best portable controller for most people. The D-pad is often a disappointment in phone controllers, but not here. The buttons are satisfactory, and the analog sticks are delicate. I love the subtly woven back, which adds grip. There are dual shoulder triggers with two programmable bright buttons around the back so you can keep your thumbs on the sticks. This Bluetooth controller can be connected to four devices, so you can easily switch between your Nintendo Switch, MacBook, Android, or the iOS phone and your Windows PC. You can also connect with a cable using the controller’s USB-C port. Just make sure you have the 8Bitdo the Mobile Clip ($15) to go with it.

The 8BitDo Pro 2 has the rechargeable battery inside, which is suitable for about 20 hours, but it’s removable, and you can swap in two AA batteries if you need. To improve the deal even further, the 8BitDo Ultimate Software app for Android or iOS allows you to reset buttons, Adjustment of a stick, trigger and vibration sensitivity; and even set up custom macros in your favorite mobile games. Unfortunately, all this console lacks is PlayStation and Xbox support.

Second place

GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro

The KingKong 2 Pro is similar to the Switch Pro controller; it has high quality and pleasant appearance, with contrasting silver shoulder buttons and black color. It’s textured for enhanced grip and feels comfortable in hand for long sessions. The silky-smooth joysticks and clickable buttons are satisfactorily a pleasure, and the D-pad is decent. The main innovation is the electromagnetic control arms designed to combat drift. (It’s been two months with no distractions yet.) There’s also a Programmable Auto-Pilot Gaming (APG) button, allowing you to record up to 10 minutes of the gameplay and tap the button to repeat. Vibration is strong, and there’s a six-axis gyroscope for Switch gaming.

GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro has a 1000mAh battery that is valid for up to 24 hours. There is a USB-C port and Bluetooth for wired or wireless connections. I mostly played Hades on PC, but the console also worked well with Cat Quest 2 on the iPad. The individual buttons make it easy to move between your phone, computer, laptop, and Nintendo Switch. Not having a companion app is both good and evil; There is a learning curve to calibrating features, and the firmware updates must be manual. On the other hand, who wants the another app? The console has a clear, molded, reinforced carrying case with room for the cable.

Best Compact

GameSir T4 Mini

If you’re not a fan of cradle style and don’t mind propping up your phone for gaming, this mini console is a pocket-friendly option. Even with my big hands, I love the feel. The dual offset sticks are smooth, and the buttons are responsive, but the triggers are shallow, and only the D-pad can be swiped. On the other hand, I love the transparent design and the internal RGB lighting that highlights the buttons (you can also switch modes and choose from nine colors). Pairing is easy via Bluetooth 5.

The 600mAh battery is an inevitable downside, but it offers up to 10 hours of playtime, and you can also recharge via the USB-C port. A full charge takes three hours. The vibration motors and gyroscope make it a good choice for playing on the Nintendo Switch. The customizable Turbo button is helpful for some games, allowing you to automate individual or group taps. We can play a few hours of Cat Quest 2 on the iPad Mini and found the T4 Mini surprisingly enjoyable to use.

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