Top 10 Games on PlayStation 4

Ghost of Tsushima

Many video game players take on the task of overcoming seemingly insurmountable difficulties, but Ghost of Tsushima takes it to the next level. Players take on the role of the Jin Sakai, a samurai, on a mission to protect and restore his home on the island of Tsushima after the crushing Mongol invasion of Japan. Among the most amazing games available today, the allure of Ghost of Tsushima is more than skin deep; it features stellar combat and the rewarding exploration. The package is tied together thanks to the fascinating narrative of Jin struggling to reconcile his identity as a loyal and honorable samurai with the less respected path he must walk to save his home.

Our last part, 2

The Last of Us was the defining title for the last generation, and the sequel to Naughty Dog continues to push boundaries and set the new standards for the storytelling. The Last of Us the Part II is a story of revenge on the surface. Still, its deeper themes revolve around love, empathy, and perspective – all enhanced by its tense gameplay and phenomenal performances from the cast. As the story of the Ellie and Joel unfolds, players move through an intricately detailed world and overcome horrific situations that convey a palpable sense of helplessness and hopelessness.

Persona 5 Royal

The original version of Persona 5 has enough depth, strategy, and story to keep players engaged for over 100 hours. This expanded version of this elegant RPG takes it all further. Everything made the first iteration great, but Persona 5 Royal adds new characters, story threads, and mechanics to make the experience even more powerful. Whether acquiring and merging new characters, networking with your classmates, or just enjoying a night in Tokyo, Persona 5 Royal will draw you into its world and keep you entertained for the long haul.

Red Dead Redemption II

We’ve waited years for another Rodeo at the Rockstar Open World Western Series, but the results were worth it. Simply put, Red Dead Redemption II offers the most immersive and detailed world the video game industry has seen to date. While not technically a role-playing game, the level of freedom and player agency in Red Dead Redemption II allows you to completely lose yourself in the life of a frontiersman, whether you spend your days robbing trains and vans or hunting and fishing in the suburbs of the society.


A few months after shoving Kratos out of his way for the awards, Sony has another exclusive hit on its hands. Spidey’s latest adventure sets a new high for the open-world superhero, thanks to fabulous New York City entertainment and fast and smooth combat. Insomniac has done an excellent job for longtime comic book fans by including plenty of nods to Spider-Man’s history while also weaving its compelling storyline and fun insights into familiar characters. While some side activities have become repetitive, Spider-Man has provided dozens of hours of high-flying action and web skating that we won’t forget anytime soon.

God of War

The video game industry has come the long way since God of War beheading gods and crashing flowers, but thankfully Kratos has done too. Santa Monica studio’s revamp of the series brings bold changes to nearly every aspect of God of War, from a new camera perspective to more tactical and thoughtful combat. However, the most significant difference lies in Kratos himself and his new role as father and guardian of Atreus. The duo’s relationship casts the God of War in a very different light. Moreover, it allows Santa Monica Studio to weave a mature and thoughtful story that this generation offers among the best.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games has been providing Sony with solid shooter games since the PS2 days, but the developer’s decision to ditch Killzone for an open world of bots changed everything. The horizon Zero Dawn has proven to be one of the best new IPs of this generation, offering players an exciting fusion of futuristic technology and prehistoric warfare. Intense combat, cleverly designed robot enemies and gorgeous open-world vistas are just a few reasons to pick up Horizon, while the layered puzzles at the heart of Aloy’s journey make it hard to put down.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

The Nathan Drake has served the PlayStation brand well over the years, and his latest adventure has proven to be his best. Not only does Uncharted 4 showcase the series’ most enormous environments and scenery moments, but it also offers the most mature and the nuanced storytelling, delving into Nathan’s childhood and the relationship with his estranged brother Sam. However, as eye-catching as the crumbling clock tower and motorcycle chase sequences in Uncharted 4 are, the character’s quiet moments with Elena steal the show, arriving at a poignant conclusion worthy of one of Sony’s biggest franchises.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 remains the shining example of what we hope will be the future of open-world RPG: a massive, fully aware world to explore, elaborate multidimensional characters, and exciting choices spanning dozens and dozens of gameplay. We spoiled the massive Blood and Wine expansion with more great content, but even years after release, we look fondly back on our adventures with Geralt. If you are looking for the best RPG genre, then The Witcher 3 offers it.


Nowadays, there is no shortage of games inspired by From Software’s popular Dark Souls series, but the game from the exclusive developer from Sony remains our favorite. Bloodborne’s most vibrant action combines with Lovecraftian horror to create a captivating and terrifying world to explore. True to its roots, the combat in Bloodborne remains as unforgiving and satisfying as ever, requiring you to master the intricacies of your gear and the styles of your enemies if you hope to survive.

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